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Tinecomar Crewing Agency

296, Mamaia Blvd, 900 581

Constanta, Romania.

Tel: +40 241 831032

Fax: +40 241 831158

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About Us

Tinecomar started with a small portfolio of clients in the late 1990’s and has today grown into one of the most sought after crewing agencies in Romania. Our principals represent some of the largest shipping companies in the European Union and we are proud to say that they have stayed with us over the years because of our superior services and prompt-in-time action. ... read more


Our consulting services revolve around planning manpower management for shipping companies, making it possible for them to achieve maximum efficiency at optimum cost.

Maintaining a roster and rotating personnel involves anticipating when and what the nature of requirement for seafarers will be. . ... read more

Seafarers Area

Tinecomar offers career opportunities to all seafarers in Romania depending on their qualifications, experience, professional record and people skills. We draw from a large and diverse pool of talented seafarers and technicians who can be commissioned at short notice for any position. ... read more


Tinecomar needs qualified seafarers and marine technicians on a continual basis.

We do not advertise available positions publicly, but we do encourage seafarers interested in getting employed through us to submit their application through our website. ... read more